Election Day brings new leadership to NoCo

Among yesterday's winners: new mayors Tom Schneider in Florissant (left) and James Knowles in Ferguson. Prop S, to fund a firehouse, also passed in Ferguson.

Amid relatively low turnout, thousands of North County voters cast a ballot in local elections yesterday, choosing a handful of incumbents but mostly fresh faces.

In Ferguson, councilman James Knowles III was elected mayor with 49% of the vote, defeating local realtor Pearce Neikirk and former Ferguson mayor Steve Wegert. At 31 years old, Knowles will become one of the youngest mayors in St. Louis County, if not the entire state.

Also in Ferguson, voters approved Prop S by an overwhelming 74% margin, giving the city the go-ahead to spend up to $8 million on the construction of a new firehouse.

Over in Florissant, a six-way race for mayor resulted in longtime councilman Tom Schneider winning with 37% of the vote. Candidates Susan Geerling and Mark Behlmann came in second and third place, respectively, earning around 23% each. Schneider will be Florissant’s third mayor in nearly 50 years, succeeding current mayor and former police chief Bob Lowery. Schneider was endorsed by Lowery.

In Bridgeton, longtime mayor Conrad Bowers retained his seat, with 48% of the vote, as did Black Jack mayor Norman McCourt, with 61%. In Dellwood, Loretta Johnson captured 59% in the mayor’s race, beating Donald Haynes for the position long held by Jack Agnew, who is retiring after more than 40 years in public service.

In the Ferguson-Florissant school board elections, it was not a good year for incumbents. James Clark lost his seat after more than 30 years in a crowded race. Doris Graham is also out after 23 years, as is Les Lentz after six years. The newly elected board members are Chris Martinez, Paul Morris and Rob Chabot.

In the Hazelwood School District, incumbent board members Ann Gibbons and Charles “Chuck” Woods bested Nina Curry by six points. They will join newcomer Brenda Youngblood for the upcoming term.

When it came to bond issues, Jennings successfully passed Prop J, allowing the school district to borrow up to $11 million for the purpose of renovating and improving school buildings. Also in Jennings, Mayor Ben Sutphin retained the post he has held since 1995, winning 43% of the vote in a close race with Yolanda Fountain Henderson.

The mayor’s race wasn’t nearly as tight in Bellefontaine Neighbors, where former alderman Robert Doerr defeated four candidates, including three sitting aldermen. He will succeed Marty Rudloff, who has served as mayor for the past 20 years.

Jim McLaughlin is out as mayor of Pasadena Hills, losing to Scott Livingston, who got 60% of the vote. In St. Ann, former state rep Michael Corcoran was selected as the new mayor, narrowly beating Shawn Short.

Finally, in Kinloch, Keith Conway will keep the mayoral job he has held since 1999. He ran unopposed and received 100% of the 14 votes cast.

To see a comprehensive list of local election results, visit the St. Louis County Election Board.

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  1. TPDS says:

    I’m confused. The Post-Dispatch reported that Proposition S passed with 74% of the vote, not 97% and the winner of the Dellwood mayoral race was Loretta Johnson.

  2. admin says:

    My mistake! Sorry about that! I accidentally typed in Dellwood’s city collector.

  3. E says:

    At least this shows that about 46% of Florissant voters did NOT want Schneider to be mayor!

  4. Proud of Kinloch Man says:

    Proud of Kinloch Man sure is proud that 14 people came out and voted. Sadly I bet that is more then last time.

    Get out of North County people! It is a sinking ship!

  5. bill says:

    Actually, 62.58% of Florissant voters did not choose Schneider. But that’s what you get when too many dummies feel the need to run and the vote splits. Same reason Ferguson now has a 30-something young republican for mayor.

    Oh wait, that office is non-partisan. Really? Then why did the St. LOuis Young Republicans sponsor an election party and solicit volunteers for James Knowles? Weird huh? http://www.stlouisyrs.com/

    Proud of Kinloch man, or whatever name you’re using today – STFU. If you hate North County, why do you post here so often? Run away, cockroach.

  6. Peggy says:

    Bill, only extremely partisan folks will give a damn that James is a Young Republican. The Mayor position in Ferguson is really a Councilman-At-Large — a 7th vote. Even though I’ve had many, many disagreements with Mr. Knowles, he is actually very pragmatic. I say this as an Independent who tends to vote for more Democrats than Republicans.

    Ferguson has many challenges ahead with next year’s budget work starting next month. The council as a whole will continue to address those issues.

  7. […] Knowles was elected Mayor of Ferguson back in April 2011 at the age of just 31. He got 49 percent of the vote, defeating a former mayor, Steve Wegert. The electorate chose “mostly fresh faces” during that election, according to the website of North St. Louis County. […]

  8. […] Howard, Shannon (2014-04-06). “Election Day brings new leadership to NoCo”. NOCO. Retrieved 2014-08-19. […]

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