Used furniture store opens at Jamestown Mall

Growing up next door to Jamestown Mall, I’ve always been intrigued by the cavernous Stix, Baer & Fuller building, which has been vacant since Dillard’s closed its doors there in 2006. In recent years that entire wing of the mall was even closed off, making it unlikely that any new businesses would be moving in. So what I found today was a nice surprise….

I happened to be driving by Jamestown and noticed a new sign. As it turns out, a company named Central States Liquidation has moved into the old Dillard’s. And boy, do they have an interesting mix of inventory…

The owner, Frank Marsala, buys out large lots of used furniture, primarily from upscale hotels like Hilton and Sheraton. He also picks up odd bits here and there, so you’ll find restaurant equipment, artwork, mirrors, lamps, retail display cabinets, office furniture, televisions, “wine lockers” and even five-foot chandeliers in his sprawling new store. So far, Marsala is just using the main floor at Dillard’s but he says he has so much inventory that the basement is quickly filling up too.

In business for four years, Central States used to operate out of semi trucks and sell their goods on craigslist and eBay. Today, the company still advertises online but they’re hoping to draw a larger customer base now that they have a permanent storefront.

Marsala says he gets new goodies at least twice a week, sourced from all over the country. And I have to say, most of his stuff is in very nice shape. This is not a roomful of broken, stained junk, like a lot of hotel/motel liquidators have, but rather an eclectic showcase of quality items with great potential. You never know what you’ll find.

Here’s a neat item I saw today, a dramatic four-poster bed. I would totally paint it black…

And then, of course, there’s this: a rare view of one of Jamestown Mall’s fantastic concrete sculptures. Unless you visit Central States and peek through the glass doors to the mall, this modern beauty is no longer visible to the public….

Central States Liquidation is located at #400 Jamestown Mall, 63034. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.

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  1. toby weiss says:

    Bless you for confirming the statue is still out in the mall and showing proof! What a relief.

  2. Ryan D. says:

    I’m glad to see that someone is using the old Dillards building, it looks too nice to be vacant, it also means that there’s still some hope for the mall. Its also nice to see that side of the hallway again after 5 years, I did notice that one statue is missing, Jamestown had 3 large steel statues,two are visable to the public, there’s the one in the former sears hallway that looks like the letter W, the big one within the fountain at center court & there was one on the other side of that wall that was put up blocking the Dillards wing. It looked like a dolphin’s tail but its not seen in that last photo, what happened to that one?

  3. laura says:

    ryan i think its still there. its behind the wall you see. there are actually two big walls. it is between both. if you go to the store you can get a better angle and see it. what the picture does not show is that there is a doorway open on the left and you can see it through there.

  4. Ryan D. says:

    @ Laura, I did get a chance to go back and check that out, you’re right. Thanks for the info

  5. Tiffany says:

    I recently visited the store. There prices are very reasonable but the customer service is TERRIBLE!!!! I planned to purchase a few tv’s before I had a bad experience with the guy who moves the furniture. A sales lady asked the guy to bring a tv to the front so I could check if it worked properly. He had an attitude when he brought the tv to front of store. Once he plugged the tv up I noticed it had a scratch on the screen so I asked to look at another one. The guy stated “Im on my own because he’s not getting another tv. I should not be so picky because Im purchasing the tv for cheap anyways. He had a very NASTY DEMEANOR & ATTITUDE!! I became very upset and left because I couldn’t believe the service. You may be paying less for the merchandise but you dont have to deal with poor customer service!!

  6. Redd says:

    Wish it was alot closer!

  7. Christine says:

    The comment of poor service… to receive cabinets at $10 instead of $100 is quite a deal. To complain of a scratch would be inappropriate. The service man is ALWAYS running around moving and accomodating as many people as possible. To slow down for a princess isn’t part of his duties. They sell USED items at incredible prices. You come for the deal, not the ambiance. Thank you for being in business. I appreciate you very much.

  8. Thomas says:

    Christine works for the store.

  9. Rose says:

    I bought a bed from there and I got all bitten up and had to throw away the mattress… DO NOT SHOP THERE!!!! THEY ARE THROWING THERE FURNITURE AWAY FOR A REASON AND THAT REASON IS BECAUSE ITS INFECTED WITH BED BUGS!!!! and once they are in your house its really hard and expensive to get rid of them

  10. Dana says:

    I want to get a bed from there but the bed bugs? I’m not sure now. I want to see what they have cause I never been to the store yet. It’s better for me to buy my stuff there instead of rent A center. Times is to hard to be playing. I’m going in yawl…..)

  11. Chad says:

    Why in the world would you buy a used bed? You are just asking for bed bugs.

  12. al says:

    Why I can’t find the phone number to the store, I would like to know if theres anyone on site that would deliverthe furniture for you at a price?

  13. David says:

    Mr. Marsela is known to take employees on long trips fire them and leave them stranded. As for me i would not recommend this company or service to anybody EVER

  14. David says:

    Mr. Marsela is very rude and has a foul mouth hated my service there and am probably going to contact the channel two news. if mr. marsela reads this u are an ignorant person and i hope ur business fails.

  15. David says:

    Central states liquidation is a fucking joke! Frank u r a piece of shit and I wish no success upon Ur business. not to mention u r a liar and a cheat. all of it employees are dope heads including it daughter u bald fuck! if I ever find out where Ur job sites are I will reveal to them the exact person that u truly are. I’m not sure how to say how unsatisified I am with Central States Liquidation! u are so scandiouls. so take u hand and go fist fuck yourself u old fat fuck.

  16. Ann fletcher says:

    Was at the store 1-30-14,sign was posted &70.00 for rugs , but ready to paid, then price changed to $145.00 . Then she said I didn’t give right cash and sham me out of $20.00 more Very disappointed in the store

  17. Steven says:

    DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE. They lie about the prices and change the prices after you decide to buy items. Go to garage sales to get better quality items.

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  19. omar from Orlando says:

    Frank is honest and generous. I have both worked for him and bought from him. You cannot ask for a better guy. Highly recomened….

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